This is the website of Ted Hennicke, who is currently a science student at the Australian National University. I am undertaking a major in geography and have completed a minor in physics as well as various computing and mathematics electives. I want to work on resolving large-scale social problems, but as we all know, charity starts at home.


My motivation in creating this website was to find a place to store my writings on the limits of human understanding, the nature of reality, and our place within it. My goal is to constructively criticise what I see as misguided ways of thinking, by simultaneously providing an alternative. This latter part is extremely important, because many people seem all too happy to criticise others whilst forgetting their responsibility to get it right themselves. I see such a way of thinking as a form of hypocrisy.


I essentially have one overarching desire: to see world peace. I care a lot about conflict resolution, and as far as I can see, the only way this world is going to get peaceful is if we can agree on some very fundamental philosophy. For that reason, I want to see reality more clearly, disregarding how uncomfortable that might be. For this reason, I feel a desire to subject my own work to critical scrutiny, an obligation to admit and fix errors, a need for good communication, and overall, a need to get it right. That is what this blog is all about. These are my values in the context of this website, and I implore anybody that notices any hypocrisy or other failing to let me know. I’ll be trying my best to do the same from behind my wall of bias.


I have an active page at Wikimedia Commons, where I contribute my photography under CC licenses, for anyone interested. You might also be interested by my Bandcamp page.